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Sacred Love - Life is Beautiful

It meant that I no longer needed to bring a fake personality to the world. It gave me freedom to accept the diversity of other human beings too. Suddenly I felt like I was sitting on the bus rather than trying to drive it. And life got a whole lot more enjoyable.
The benefit of living with an open heart is that the vulnerability vanishes and you become stronger, more resilient.
Surprises in life are a real beauty as long as they are good ones, like winning the lotto. But if those surprises are continual disappointments and bad shocks, and people keep disappointing you and your life is a disappointment - even success, then, it might be time for you to develop a less fantasy way of seeing the world.

Reality is beautiful. It's more beautiful than fantasy. Fantasy sterilises the world and you can't hope to find one place on earth where fantasy takes permanent control of a situation. Reality always comes back because it is nature, natural.
Nature is beautiful. Natural life is more exciting, more wonderful than any fantasy, but crossing the bridge between your fantasy of how you want the world to be and how it really is, might be a struggle. The ego kicks in and seems to want to fight the shift at every step.
The beautiful part of living spirituality in reality is that you don't get massive bad surprises. You wonder and explore life, rather than try to fit the world you see into the world you want to see, you simply learn to find beauty everywhere. Like in your office or home where someone is being a complete ass. Instead of trying to fix it, which always makes it twice as bad as it was, you can enjoy it. Relaxing around someone who is being an ass is an amazing gift both to you, and the ass. They get the space to choose their next words rather than stay standing in their space pushing against your judgements.
There was a time when I would worship the beauty of life and condemn the darkness of it. Almost as if, the more I didn't like something, the more it would go away. I tried all sorts of techniques to exterminate the dark side from my life and that of my family. I turned off the TV when the news was bad. I avoided the darker music, I built wealth so I didn't have to rough it when I travelled and I'd complain bitterly if the scenery where I travelled wasn't as good as I hoped for. It was a weird sort of life, where avoidance was my only way to see the beauty of life.

I didn't like ugly things. So, certainly, at some level I didn't like the ugly side of myself or others for that matter. I wanted to clean up the world, sort of coat it in leather rather than sort out my own issues. I believed in the greening of the planet and was an anti establishment protester against anything that consumed resources and made people wealthy. It was almost like writing a movie script and hoping the world would one day see the light and conform to it. I even became an environmental activist and a culture change consultant trying to paint the world with my own style of happiness. It didn't work, it was a very frustrating and somewhat depressing existence. There was always another problem to solve or protest to make.
We are all global citizens, and we care about the planet, global issues and human rights. No one would deny that the human heart bleeds with human suffering. The question is really not about how much compassion or empathy we have with those who suffer, it is more about what we do about it.

With an open heart your energy is like an innocent child. You reach forward and do what needs to be done without being righteous or pious about it. There is no service to the world being angry or bitter about the plight of those who are suffering, that emotion just makes the problems worse. Instead, with an open heart you approach such duty with a sense of calling, a sense of giving unconditionally, rather than, to mend a wrong, and make it right.
Can you see that the whole of humanity splits itself into right and wrong. Almost like two opposing sports teams rushing out onto an arena hell bent on winning. One perpetrates violence in one form and the other side exacerbates the problem by forming an opposition to it. By opposing violence it is, in fact, creating more of it. The very opposition to something is just another form of violence.
With an open hearted approach, you discard the righteousness. All too often we feel the need to answer the question, WHY, and in doing so, we intellectualise what maybe simply pure inspiration. Why should there be a why? Maybe we don't always know why we want to feed starving children, or protect women from abuse. Do we really need a why? I don't think so.

Trust is a precious human quality and we give it to others with discernment. Justifiably we're cautious about throwing trust in any human direction because we know that people are changeable. One minute you can rely on them, the next, the story can be completely different. But the first and most important trust of all is to trust your heart.

Trusting your heart means you don't always have a logical and rational reason for everything you do. You might just go in with your heart open and do what you are called to do without the need for approval. You just do it. The key of course, is to be able to stop with the same beautiful open hearted spirit. It's sometimes easier to go in to something than get out.

Trusting my heart is one of my most precious gifts. I feel and I do. It has bought me to amazing experiences, and also bought me much criticism. Circumstances don't always make sense, even if you follow your logical mind and think things through, there's always an element of trust needed. When I ran a conference for a large accounting firm and explained to the audience that the sum total of positive reasons and the negative reasons to make a decision will always be balanced, they were shocked. "Then how could you ever make a decision?" they complained. And there was, even though I tried, no way to explain. "Trust your heart."
Life is Perfect

Chris Walker - - For 30 wonderful years Chris Walker has helped bring the beauty and harmony of nature into people's lives. He's helped people all over the world find, live and work with more spirit, inner peace and personal harmony. Since 1976 Chris has run training programs, guided people to the highest peaks in the world, taught executives about self mastery and helped many young people in his youth programs. He's dedicated to bringing people together in harmony with nature, helping them find their true nature and the nature of life. Beyond the mundane putting the spirit back into life.

Carrying a pack, discovering new trails, exploring the human spirit, dreaming with immensity, and gaining far away horizons: escaping the destiny of the sedentary, loving above all the supreme liberty of the human spirit at one with nature. This is Chris Walker's life!

Like the trails he explores with a pack on his back high in the mountains, unravelling the mysteries of harmony and focus at work or in relationship creates something special for any individual who decides to explore the wonders of it. A uniqueness, a resilience to the instability of conventional attitudes, a real freedom that only the human heart can fully understand.

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