Rabu, 20 Februari 2013

The Other Side Of Beauty

Everyone has heard the popular phrase, "There are two sides to every coin," but do you realise that this phrase is true of everything? Beauty is no different, just by hearing the word beauty we form an image in our minds. You know that is true because you just pictured something that you perceived as beautiful. This happened to everyone who read this so far, yet not all mental pictures were the same. You could say that my picture of beauty is the other side of beauty to yours.

What is the cause of these differing pictures of the same word? What makes me picture a mother holding her newborn baby for the first time when I picture beauty, and you see the latest fashion magazine cover model? The difference is that what we perceive as beautiful, what forms the image in our mind is found deep inside of us. The heart is the creator of every image associated with every word that we say or hear.
The next question that I would ask is this; if my heart is what shapes my view of the world, then what shapes my heart? Some would answer that your heart is shaped by the experiences that you have from day to day. Others will say that what people say to you and about you shapes your heart. Neither is true, although if you allow them to they will come in and take up residence. What you believe is what shapes your heart, not what anyone says nor anything that happens has the power to invade unless you invite it to.

One example of this can be found in the lives of two young men. These two young men were identical twins, they had the same mother, father and environment. They lived in a rundown, part of the city where drug dealers and prostitutes where found on every corner. The gangs had invaded this part of the city and were in complete control of it. As these two boys grew into manhood, they had experienced the same scenes of violence and control. Both had witnessed their mother fall into alcohol and drug addiction. If what you experience and what is said about you shapes your heart, then why is one of these two brothers in prison today, while the other is a successful surgeon in the same part of town he grew up in?
The world is a relentless onslaught of circumstances hurled at you from every direction. Not all of them are bad nor are they all good. What each is ultimately trying to accomplish is to change you and the way in which you see it. For some reason the world wants us all to believe exactly what it tells us to believe. It does not want us to decide for ourselves what beauty is. It continues day by day to try to convince us that it's picture of beauty is the only picture that there is.

Look at a sponge and consider that this sponge is your own heart. A sponge may be a different color, or shape or texture but it's purpose is only one thing. It possesses one unique quality, it absorbs whatever it is placed in. If you place this sponge in a dirty, muddy, stagnant pool of water it will soak up the stagnant, dirty, muddy water and hold onto it. Once it has reached it's capacity to retain anymore water, it spills out onto whatever it comes in contact with.
Let's now look at the other side of this illustration. If you place this sponge into a fresh, running, clean flow of water it will naturally soak up the fresh, clean water until it can soak up no more. It too, will start spilling out what it does not have room to hold onto. When pressure is applied to either one of them, whatever they are holding is forced out into its surroundings.

The only way that you can make the first one clean is to either keep dipping it into a clean source of water and apply pressure. As you do this repeatedly, the dirty water is replaced by the clean. It also works the other way around. A filter, placed at the source of the dirty water, on the other hand, will stop all the filth from running down stream.

Now picture the sponge as your heart, and the flow of water that is soaking it as your experiences, environment and all the opinions of everyone around you. If you do not place a filter at the source, then all of these things will be soaked up into your heart and when it is pressured to respond it will release what it is holding. The filter, is what you believe.

If you believe something is beautiful, then it is. What about the other side? We all are created with an image on the inside of us. We all posses our own perception of beauty. Are we allowing the experiences and words of everyone around us to alter it by taking off the filter? Or are we pouring out into our surroundings our own fresh, clean and beautiful portraits of beauty? There are two sides of beauty, consider them both.

Beauty is not something that you can achieve, it is something that every single person was born with. If you want to discover more about true beauty and how to set it free form within you then come to Safe Harbor.

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